chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.
"   But I would never kiss anyone who doesn’t burn me like the sun.   "
Jens Lekman  (via letters-to-nobody)
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"   She’s like a cancer in my mind and some part of me knows that she’ll be there until I die. Some part of me knows that she’ll kill me. There’s nothing I can do that she won’t be in. I could drink water and it would taste like her lips. I could stare at the sky and the birds flying by would be there like the first time we kissed. And you know what? None of it was real. Not one moment. She was my whole life and now I’m left with nothing but the fragment of a broken memory. Less than a moment. I built my heart around her in the time it took to smoke two cigarettes.   "
Intentional Dissonance, Iain S. Thomas (via the-absentminded)
"   You’re always in a rush, or else you’re too exhausted to have a proper conversation. Soon enough, the long hours, the traveling, the broken sleep have all crept into your being and become part of you, so everyone can see it, in your posture, your gaze, the way you move and talk.   "
Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go (via larmoyante)